• Rough-legged Hawk SNWR Jan 2015-1-2

  • Lake-Ogemaw-Fisherman-fog-8-24-13-slideshow

  • MIchigan-Fall-Color-Oct-2012

  • Scarlet-Tanager-Holland-Ponds-5-15-13-156-22-slideshow

  • Leopard-Frog-Wetzel-8-21-13

  • Purple-Cone-Flower-2

  • Indigo-Bunting

  • Loon-Lake-Ogemaw-8-1-11-slideshow

  • Sault-Saint-Marie-Barn-Sunset-Jan-2011- slideshow

  • Osprey-NO-MI-5-22-10

  • American-toad-(J)

  • Wood-Duck-North-Chagrin

  • Common-Green-Darner-Holland-8-21-13-slideshow

  • Deer-Metro-11-20-10--1-slideshow

  • Dickcissel-MWWS-6-20-10-slideshow

  • Red-Spotted-Purple-Butterfly

  • Great-Gray-Owl-Scene-1-7-12-slideshow

  • Frank-Michigan-Lighthouse-Sunset

  • Old-Fram-Tractor-Vintage-Look-1061613-slideshow

  • Praying-Mantis-Wetzel-9-1-13-slideshow

  • White-breasted-Nuthatch-Kensington-3-27-10-slideshow

  • Damselfly-D300-Weztel-8-21-13-

  • Merlin-Sliver-Lake-Oct-2012-slideshow

  • Northern-Hawk-Owl-UP-MI-2-27-09-slideshow

  • Dragonfly-Stoney-Creek-7-14-13-slideshow

Nature and Event Photography


“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” — Imogen Cunningham

Willie McHale is a Michigan photographer in the Metro Detroit Area specializing in bird and nature photography,

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