Howell Photography Workshop 10-19-13

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Great Horned Owl Eyes (C) 10-19-13-1I meet nature photographer Steve Gettle at MaGee Marsh in May 2009.  Enjoyed talking and shooting Warblers and other birds with him.  Later learned that he lead an annual photography workshop at the Howell Nature Center in Howell, MI.  I took advantage of my open schedule to participate in the workshop this year. The center takes in over 2000 orphaned and or injured animals each year, all proceeds benefit the center.

For the workshop, their captive birds are placed on nicely selected perches in a various sections of a large open field that is boarded by trees.  This event is scheduled to line up with the great fall colors.

Rainy conditions made for some interesting additions in the pictures.  Weather improved toward the end, shooting was both challenging and fun.  Their veteran Great Horned Owl and a calm Barred Owl were the stars!   Composition and poses were chosen to hide the tethering jesses on the birds.   More photos of this event are in the captive birds of prey portfolio. Including these raptors: American Kestrel, Eastern Screech Owl, Broad-winged Hawk, American Bald Eagle, Short-eared Owl.
Barred Owl (C) 10-19-13-1-2
Great Horned Owl (C) 10-19-13
Short-Eared Owl (C) 10-19-13-1-3
American Bald Eagle (C) 10-19-13-1


  1. Kelvin
    November 15, 2013

    Willie, your Owl images are nothing short of stunning!

      November 26, 2013

      Thanks Kelvin, cool to get comments all the way from the UK!

  2. Joe Grimaldi
    November 16, 2013


      November 26, 2013

      Thanks Joe!!


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