Willie McHale

Discovering the joy of nature photography several years ago was transformational for Willie. He soon realized a passion surfaced in photography, distinct from any other of his leisure activities.  A few years later he would find it to be his path to free-lance work.

A camera feels at home in his hands, and he feels at home in the woods…With acquisition of his first SLR camera, his passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world was born. Willie’s skill in the field advanced concurrently with the instant feedback advancements of digital photography. He finds the freedom and versatility of a DSLR complements the freedom and abundance of opportunities he experiences in field outings. Whether he is exploring the finer elements of nature’s beauty on display across Michigan’s peninsulas, or California’s coastline, his passion for capturing and bringing it home is boundless.

During his early photography outings an innate love of nature from childhood was recalled and rekindled. It was a predawn trek to Sunshine Point on Anchor Bay in late December, that recalled impressionable childhood moments. A frigid outing to witness the arrival of enormous flocks of ducks that filled dawn’s amber skies as they converged at this migratory staging area. An incredible air show scene that to him resembled old WWII dog fight films. He remembered, as a young boy his excitement of finding on a Stony Creek Metropark trail hike with a group on a family picnic, from behind the group and exclaiming “Holy cow! a toad, they’re missing this.” 

For Willie creating exquisite images of nature’s creatures often takes on the thrilling elements of a hunt. Initiated with research to be in the right place at the right time for a targeted subject. Then patiently waiting for a bird or butterfly to appear, and strategically positioning the camera for optimum composition and lighting…Exciting and satisfying when he’s able to capture the moment without disturbing the subject.

The passion for him started with birds, then expanded to other targets with dragonflies becoming a recent addiction. Willie’s other subjects include; butterflies, insects, large and small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, wild flowers, scenics and more.

Willie’s favorite local shooting sites include; Wetzel State Recreation Area, Stony Creek Metropark, Port Huron State Game Area, Lake St. Clair Metropark, Sunshine Point on Anchor Bay, Kensington Metropark, and Lapeer State Game Area. Exploring and must do annual trips are to the Upper Peninsula for wintering owls, and many other Michigan sites in Gaylord, Mio, Tawas, and Lake Erie.

A lifelong resident of Southeastern Michigan, and employed in the transportation industry most of his career, he has made a successful transition to free-lance photographer.

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